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Did My Lawyer Commit Malpractice?

Legal malpractice claims can be complex and often very difficult to prove. When pursuing a claim, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can investigate and collect all relevant evidence on your behalf.

Attorney Michael M. Calabro, Esq., represents clients who have suffered damages due to the incompetence of an attorney. He has decades of experience and offers competitive, results-driven advocacy. If your attorney acted unethically or negligently in representing you, Mr. Calabro can help.

Michael M. Calabro, Esq., can help you if you believe your lawyer has committed malpractice. For a free consultation, call 678-566-3697 or contact him online.

Filing a Claim Against Your Attorney in Georgia

Legal malpractice is the failure of a lawyer to render competent professional service to a client. If the client is damaged because of the failure, he or she may have a claim against the lawyer for legal malpractice. A legal malpractice claim may arise out of:

  • Negligence
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Failure to act in a timely manner
  • Commingling funds

The most common theory of liability used in malpractice cases is negligence. Attorney Michael J. Calabro has extensive experience in the investigation of legal malpractice claims and is prepared to handle even the most complex disputes. He has successfully litigated malpractice claims arising from personal injury, real estate disputes, employment law, bankruptcy, estates and criminal matters.

Proving Legal Malpractice — Did My Lawyer Commit Malpractice?

To succeed in a legal malpractice claim, you must show that your attorney had a legal duty and that he or she breached that duty through negligence, failures or illegal conduct. You must also show that the behavior of your attorney caused damage to you and that the results of your case would have been different if the attorney acted properly. You must also be able to show a financial loss arising from that attorney misconduct.

Filing Bar Complaints and Administrative Actions

In addition to filing a claim to recover for your losses, a breach of ethics may require further administrative action to prevent future harm to other clients. If your attorney breached an ethical duty, attorney Michael Calabro can investigate your case and take additional steps with the local and state bar associations. He will review your case, determine the appropriate course of action and defend your rights against a former attorney.

Free Consultations • Accessible, Convenient Locations

Mr. Calabro is an Atlanta malpractice attorney dedicated to providing accessible services to his clients. He has remote office access throughout the area and can meet clients in convenient locations outside of Alpharetta. Please call 678-566-3697 or contact Mr. Calabro by e-mail to arrange a free consultation.

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